This much I know about…teaching disengaged 15 year old boys

This is a great post that can really be applied to multiple ages. Classroom management really comes down to relationships.


I have been a teacher of English for 24 years and this much I know about teaching disengaged 15 year old boys (most, if not all, of which will be obvious).

Eighteen months ago we withdrew 14 C/D borderline disengaged Year 10 boys from their English classes and I taught them. It was a win-win – they stopped disrupting others and they made real progress.

I have insider information about how to teach disengaged 15 year old boys; I have one. And it’s worth acknowledging that being the Headteacher helps.

Relationships are everything. Fullan says, The single factor common to successful change is that relationships improve. If relationships improve, [things] get better. If relationships remain the same or get worse, ground is lost. Invest lots of time in developing relationships with each boy. Get to know about them personally, so that you have something to discuss with them during those idle…

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